Styles & Backgrounds

Digital Painting Styles

Currently I am offering the following styles with more selections with examples coming in the future:

Digital Charcoal/Pastel

  • It has a sharper "drawn" style to it. With more sketchy lines and less blurred blending.

Digital Oil Painting

  • This style has the most brush strokes and "muddy" blending.

Digital Water Color/Pencil

  • This is the style I have less experience with but the color transitions have more bleed effects with pencil sketch lines and detailing. Examples coming soon. 

Background Styles

If there is no preference for a color I will choose a complimentary color pallet for your pets portrait. There will be gradating of that color with a lighter hue. The lighter color side being on the side of the painting with the more direct light source.

Style choices are the following:

Cloudy Blend

  • Gives that natural background look

Flat Brush strokes

  • A traditional looking background that I use for most of my traditional paintings.

Grunge Brush

  • Has beautiful blending and color variation while having a traditional art feel.

Pastel POP art

  • Bright complimentary colors that blend into your pet giving it a super stylish look.

Digital Charcoal/Pastel with Cloudy Blend Background Style

Digital Charcoal/Pastel with Cloudy Blend Background Style and some extra light fairies.

Digital Oil Painting with Grunge Brush Background Style

Digital Oil Painting with Flat Brush Strokes Background Style

Digital Oil Charcoal/Pastel with Grunge Brush Background Style

Digital Charcoal/Pastel with Pastel POP art Background Style

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