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"Those gifted with horns"

Caribu or reindeer are still used in modern day to pull sleighs through the snow using reins which is how they got their common name.

To the Inuit their meaning is much greater. So closely tied to the Caribou seasons were named after their cycles. The middle of May comes nurrait, when "caribou are calving", then July, saggaruut, "when caribou skin thins", then akulliruut, "when caribou skin thickens", and finally amiraijaut, "when velvet falls off caribou antlers". Much reverence is shown to these animals in this culture.

Whether Dashing through the snow or migrating across baron tundra Tuktu can be seen as a symbol of a relationship that runs deep and for as far back as when hooves first struck the earth.

What's the name of your favorite reindeer? Are you a Dasher fan or are you on team Rudolph?

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