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Now Re-Streaming

I have a new streaming schedule. Now with some earlier chill streams that are minimal on the talking. Due to everyone still being awake and so very loud I can't have a live microphone. It still has been productive and I have been painting every day.

I had been waiting to up my schedule for when my son was going to go to school but now that I am pretty sure that it is not going to happen this year I am going to go ahead and push the goals anyway.

I am now streaming bigger art. I have solved the problem of storing bigger art by painting on art board that is 16x20 and then slipping it into a plastic sleeve. Since I paint in acrylic I can just stack these babies.

I am now also using a restreaming service to distribute the feed to youtube and picarto at the same time. Which saves me time and gets a few more eyes.

Other improvements are a new camera, better lighting and some set tweaks that are quite nice. An overall face lift for the new stream schedule which has been fun.

Catch me live at 9pm pacific on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and 7pm pacific on Thursday and Saturday!

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