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New Local Coastal Art

Updated: Feb 20

New local art is currently in progress. I am not sure if Big Sur counts as local unless you consider it on a global scale but I think I am going to count Shark Fin Cove and Point Lobos as my "local" north and south boundaries. Oh man is there some good stuff to paint in that range. I could go on forever. Which is the goal right?

So the first painting in this series of four is of West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California. It is an iconic location with a lighthouse and staggered bluffs. It is typically viewed with a sunset but I really appreciated the opposite view and waited for a sunrise to capture behind the lighthouse.

There are some goals that are happening with the creation of these paintings starting with working larger. These will be 16x20 and I am going to take them into a shop for reproduction files so I can make prints that are 24x30.

I am trying to get looser with my brushwork away from the focal point of the scene. I am trying to use more colors while keeping them in harmony and all while making myself happy with the process. I know this is a tall order.

I am going to release them and their prints at the time of the fourths paintings creation. People that are on my newsletter will get first dibs and a discount coupon that will last for their 2 day head start before I do the news release on all of my social media platforms.

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