Pet Art

Why get a painting?

Everyone has a photo that they would love so much more, frame, show off to friends, or even give to family if just a few things were "fixed". Potty pad in the corner, ugly and distracting tv in the frame. Is there a dirty wall or floor that just bugs you to no end. You just can't delete it though because your angel faced baby is just beaming in that photo. Whether it be the right lighting or just the timing on that perfect pet pose. I can capture what you love about your photo and make it something you can place on your mantle. A custom made painting. To be proud of fur-ever!

I am available for pet portrait commissions. I can create traditional illustrations in ink & pencil color ,  digital paintings in digital oil painting technique, digital charcoal technique and coming soon digital watercolor.  Traditional paintings in either acrylic or gouache paint (shown below). Square digital head shots (shown above) start at $40. While acrylic 8x10" paintings on art board  start at $80 plus shipping. I can use custom materials for traditional mediums just ask in your quote form.


Thank you for checking out my art. I look forward to working with you!

18x24" acrylic painting on wood.

Acrylic on wood panel.

8x10 acrylic on art board.

Traditional illustration using ink and colored pencil on bristol board 5"x7"

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