Digital Art Process

The Process Revealed

This photo is the perfect example. It has great light and a good pose but there is all sorts of racket in this shot you don't want to look at. Old trampoline. clashing collar, beat up toy, and the dreaded under bed...

Step 1

First I do some adjustments of the color balance and contrast of your image. Then I crop it to what I will paint. I can add any ear tips that you would like added back on.

Step 2

Then I select 4 values and about 8 to 10 colors that are predominantly used in your photo along with the requested background color theme.

Step 3

I paint in the background then block in the dominant colors on the photo removing what you don't want and enhancing what you like.

Step 4

Then comes a whole lot of detail work trying to balance a limited pallet while capturing the right amount of detail in the subject. I use traditional themed brushes for a oil pastel and dry brush paint feel and look.

Finishing Touches

I use your photo for reference along the way and put those tiny whiskers in the right places at the very end.

On approval (by you) and final payment I email the file to you and upload the art to so you can order any prints that you wanted. I also announce the completion of your art on my instagram @leahroseart.

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