Original Art

One of a Kind

Many originals have had their creation documented on youtube or instagram. I regularly make time lapse videos for people to watch the creation process.

What is art board?

I primarily paint on archival art board. It is thick paper board that will need to be framed unless you want to just display it in the plastic sleeve.

They are then slipped into a plastic crystal clear bag. They are all signed and the title is written on the back with a card.

I then wrap them in tissue paper and tie them with a bow in twine.

They are then packed between extra cardboard to maintain package rigidity. 


I ship USPS Priority mail. It has been really fast. As soon as 3 days (US) in most cases. I insure the package for its value and will send you the tracking number when I ship it. I just need a day or so to process your order. 

When on vacation I will get back to you with my return date.

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