The Forest Therapy Continues

I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend. I was blessed enough to go on a small getaway and I got a whole bunch of great reference images that I am excited to paint from. The very next day after arriving home I painted from one of our trip photos. A scene of the coast just south of San Francisco, it was a lovely place to hike around.

I am very happy to give you a sneak peek my latest work. I have added 2 more 16x20 acrylic paintings to the Forest Therapy series and I have plans for at least 2 more to round out the collection. I’m thinking some fog?

Lastly, this week I spent some time reviewing a watercolor set and producing a 4x6 painting of a mountain scape. I am ready to recommend the “Fan Pan” to anyone who is interested in trying painting but not spending a lot of cash to get started. I got mine from

Have a wonderful week!

-Leah Rose