September 10th Art Update

I have returned to painting 8x10’s and I feel a sense of freedom with this format. There are also 3 mini paintings that are rare and a bit of an experiment in painting small scale. I think it is safe to say that this 6”x6” size will stay rare.

You will notice in this body of work that I am using a pallet knife for some more interesting shapes and more dramatic texture to accent each composition. I feel that this technique has been successful and I think you will see more of that going forward. I am working on getting some looser brushstrokes and more expressive color combinations.

As an e-mail subscriber you get first dibs but only for 2 days! Paintings will be released to the rest of the public on Tuesday.

Click on the image or list to check out the art work. This list starts at the top and goes left to right. The image clicks through to my “Latest Work” section of my site.

New paintings

Latest Work