About me

Inspired by Nature, Born from the Mind

Originally from the Santa Cruz mountains, California she now resides in Soquel. Leah has been employed as an commercial artist since 1999. 

Mostly self taught through observation and experimentation she has continued to grow and progress her skill during her day jobs and contracted work. After trying out many facets of the art world she found herself most inspired to create paintings of landscapes and aspects of nature along with animals.

Leah primarily works primarily in traditional mediums such as acrylic,  and gouache. Digital Painting with traditional technics has been a more recent endeavor. Subjects vary from peaceful sky scapes to intricate high contrast illustrations. Her pieces often have a vivid color palette and a pleasant flow.

I am available for commissions such as; traditional illustration and digital/traditional painting in acrylics on canvas or wood, murals inside and outside, signage for events or permanent fixtures and graphic design for logos and/or merchandise.

I have done tattoo designs, pet portraits and even face painting so if you need an artist feel free to contact me with a detailed job description and I can respond with a quote.

I have done paintings for charity in the past and I would be available for this as long as it is in my target niche which is the outdoors and nature interest. I also need to retain rights for reproduction and promotion.

Please check out my store page to find where you can buy originals, prints, shirts and other merchandise for home and office.


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